An experienced swimmer will swim two kilometers in about thirty seconds. A less-experienced swimmer will do that in almost sixty minutes. It is for your own good to have a proper preparation for the Swim.


Training sessions

To prepare yourself optimally and to get used to swimming in open water it is advisable to register with De Grindgat swimmers, an association that swims twice a week in the gravel hole of the Maas. There are also trained swimmers who can help you. Look at Contact person is Christian Dackus.


Own risk

Participation is at your own risk. Before you enter the water you need to register and sign a "Release Statement on liability". Please note: swimmers under 18 years must allow simultaneous recording a parent or guardian.

An example of this statement can be found here.


Minimum age

There is a minimum age of 16 years old for Swim to Fight Cancer on Sunday the 8th of September. Are you under 18 years old? Then you need a declaration of consent from your parents or guardians, which can be downloaded here. If this has been filled in, you can send the declaration back to us via email. We recommend to take this with you on the day of the event, for the registration.


Suggestions raising donations

Meeting the donation money is possible in multiple ways. Beneath some suggestions:

  • Use your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest) to share the link to your personal campaign page and to gain interest in your performance.
  • Organize a special action, such as a dinner for friends, an ‘open training’ or something similar where you draw attention for your campaign, with as goal to raise money.
  • If you are a member of a (sport) association or society, perhaps it is possible to organize a fundraiser or special event to collect your donation money. In addition, your team members might be willing to help you with your fundraiser.


Do you have more ideas? Please let us know! We would like to share your idea with other participants on this page.