Safety and health

Safety first!

The satety and health of our Fighters is our most important concern. Therefore, there will be many safety precautions during the Swim. On the water there are experienced and certified aid workers available in order to support our swimmers from start to finish. There are plenty fire workers, lifeguards, first-aid workers, divers, swim supporters and security vessels available.


Is the water clean?

The water of the Meuse river and adjacent recreation lakes, like the upstream Fun Valley, are being monitored full-time by Rijkswaterstaat. If there are concerns over the quality of the water, swimming will not be allowed. The European Environment Agency EEA has recently researched the Limburgian swimming water and considers it as excellent. Want to verify the quality at a regular basis? Navigate to and zoom in to Maastricht.


And what about the water flow?

Swimming will be upstream. This is safer than downstream swimming. Of course, this is more difficult but the water flow in the Meuse river is usually very low during September and will not cause any problems. If the water flow will be too high for any reason, starting will not be allowed by Rijkswaterstaat in any case.


Patrick Sproncken

Patrick Spronken

Wijkagent Wyck, Ceramique, St. Maartenspoort.

Tevens aanspreekbaar met betrekking tot alle zaken en voorvallen die zich voordoen op de rivieren en kanalen zoals de Maas, Zuid Willemsvaart, Julianakanaal, Industriehaven, Beatrixhaven en Stein.