Donation tips

Change the campaign page into your page

A campaign page with personal photos and text will lead to more donations. Upload a few photos that are associated with your campaign. And tell why you are going to swim. Most of your supporters will donate because they want to support you and are curious about your initiatives and progress.


First a few donations, share afterwards

Before you are going to tell everybody about your campaign, it is recommended to have a few donations already. Ask your family and best friends first personally to perform a donation before you are going to ask other people to donate. Be a good role model.


Provide the link of your campaign page at the end of all your emails

Provide the link of your campaign page with call beneath your name/signature such that everyone you mail will notice the campaign. Let us know if you would like a compelling picture for your email signature. Send an email to and we well send that to you.


Convincing mutually and with help of your mobile phone

Tell on your work, school, association, in the canteen or parties about the campaign you have started. And ask them directly to sponsor immediately and not to wait until they are at home. Cash on the barrel! It is very easy for everyone to look to your campaign and donate with their smartphone. Bookmark your campaign page in your internet browser of your smartphone.


Send WhatsApp & SMS messages

Create a WhatsApp group with many of your contacts that know each other. Ask your question and refer to your campaign page. Thank in this group the people that indicate they are going to donate such that other group members will notice that. This increases the chance that others are more likely to support your campaign. It needs only a few to lead…


Share updates on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn on a regular basis

The campaign page can be shared on social media by different methods. Share on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn profile regularly an update about your campaign. Redundancy has its beauty… Tag the pages of Swim to Fight Cancer Maastricht on social media pages (#StFCmaastricht).


Share news stories on your campaign page

It is easy to share news stories on your campaign. And don’t forget to share this story later on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.


Involve your donators to your final sprint!

Experience shows that the last two weeks of your campaign lead to most donations. This is therefore the final sprint of your campaign. Start your final sprint properly and ask your donators for help. They certainly want too you will meet your targeted amount or even better: exceeding.


Approach companies to sponsor you

Don’t forget to approach companies to sponsor you too! Your employer, a good customer or fine supplier. In return you can write and share a special news story with their names. Or placing their logo on your campaign page.


Keep up: keep remembering people!

Not everyone will donate directly. Send therefore reminder emails or WhatsApp messages if someone did not donate yet. Onward and upward!


Need help? We are here to help

We are here to help to you making your campaign a success. Don’t hesitate to contact us on


Is it going well? Let us know!

Is it going with your action and do you have a special story? Let us know. Send us a message and perhaps we will share your campaign and story via our social media channels


Do you have any suggestions for us?

We give here suggestions but perhaps you have some other good suggestions for everybody. Do you have suggestions for other Fighters? Let us know.