Team Varna - Bulgaria

Swim to Fight Cancer | Dordrecht

We are the winners of the Varna Galata Swim Marathon in Varna, Bulgaria,

and we come to join the Fight against Cancer in Dordrecht! We look forward to swimming in the beatiful centre of Dordrecht, our Twinning City, and raise money to Fight Cancer. Thank you for having and supporting us!

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We, winners of the Varna Galata Swim marathon Swim to Fight Cancer in Dordrecht as part of the Dordrecht Varna Swim Exchange

Thursday 11th

On Sunday 4 August 2019 the annual Varna Galata Swim Marathon will take place in Varna and on Saturday 31 August, of course, the Dordrecht City Swim to Fight Cancer.

Given the Twinning between the two cities and the fact that Varna is European City of Sports this year, it was decided to organize an exchange: swimmers from Dordrecht – Mariël Sturm and Nienke Blauw - will participate in Varna and swimmers from Bulgaria – the two of us - will participate in the City Swim to Fight Cancer.

Swimmers from Dordrecht are currently busy looking for donations for the identified charity: Topoli, house for children with disabilities. If you would like to make a donation to this good cause, please wire whatever you can miss to the account of the Twinning Foudation Foundation Dordrecht Varna (NL87 INGB 0007 413037) and mention ”swim exchange Dordrecht Varna”.  

And of course, please also sponsor us! After 4 August, we will further introduce ourselves. But we would love to raise as much money for the fight against cancer as possible, so let's already start now! Will you help us? Thank you in advance!

Bedankt voor jullie bijdrage!


Winner M Cityswim Varna - Bulgaria



Ik sponsor Mariël Sturm


Els Lieshout

Veel succes tante Mariel 💪😘

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