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Swim to Fight Cancer | Nijmegen 2021

Ik kom in actie tegen kanker...

In 2013 my father was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, pleomorphic undifferentiated sarcoma. By 2014 his cancer was stage IV and he had multiple mets in his lungs. He was given three months to live, which would potentially become six months if his medication would work. The medication was experimental. Now, nearly a decade later, he is still here, by my side, thanks to the availability of this medication and his iron strong soul. 

Fighting cancer may seem so broad these days, but my donating even just that one euro, you are literally paying for someone’s medication that day- as well as the mere existence of it. If there were no donations for cancer research, undoubtedly my fathers medication wouldn’t have been available at the time, due to the low rate of this type of cancer. 

In 2017, I became very ill with various conditions. I now battle chronic pain every single day, and my father is the person I turn to when all goes to shit. I want to do something back to show him the manifestation of his support. Even though I spend part of my time in a wheelchair, swimming is the one thing that relieves my body of pain. This is because the water alleviates the resistance my body usually feels. 

So, on the 29th, I will swim 1500 meters for my dad, and for all those who are themselves or know someone struggling with cancer to help raise funds for their treatments. It may seem a bit controversial, swimming with that much chronic pain, but my father is precisely the man who taught me to go for the things you want no matter what obstacles there are. 

I have no doubt I will cross that finish line. You have my word. 

If you have any spare money to donate, every stroke will become more valuable in the fight against cancer. Please help me make more daughters lucky enough to still be able to be with their dads. To witness things we never thought he’d witness. 

Fight cancer and I are incredibly thankful to your donation. If you cannot donate, but do have the intention to donate, I thank you just as much. As always, your own financial well-being comes first, and no guilt is necessary if donating isn’t possible! We all face battles, especially during these COVID 19/climate change disaster times- and I wish everyone so much strength and power to fight them. 

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