Move For Cancer

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Who are we?

We are the event agency Finesse Events and we consist of seven driven and enthusiastic Hotel Management students from the Higher Hotel School Saxion in Apeldoorn. Our event agency consists of Bernardo Carvalhal, Mette van Norel, Laura Collins, Floor van der Heijden, Tiffany Veen, Rita Santos Seqeuira and Isabel Hendriksen.

Our goal

It is important that more research is done into the disease of cancer because 1 in 3 people in the Netherlands is still diagnosed with cancer. Through our event 'Move For Cancer,' we want to do our part by collecting as many donations as possible for more cancer research. Furthermore, we want to spread awareness about cancer among young adults, since this is still a sensitive topic to talk about. 

Our event

We will organize a sponsored run from 3-5 kilometres to raise as much money as possible for Fight Cancer! During the event there will also be other festive activities to enjoy; have a nice and active day!

If you want to participate, individually or as a team, you can sign up via our page and create your own environment where you can receive your own donations. We still have to figure out a date, but more information will follow soon!

More information?

Would you like to stay informed about the development of our event? Follow our social media pages so you don't miss anything:

Instagram: @Finesse.Events2021

Facebook: @FinesseEvents2021


We would love it if you would do your part by donating through our page. Every little bit helps!


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My Updates

Meet our team - Laura Collins & Floor van der Heijden

Wednesday 6th Oct

🇳🇱 - Maak kennis met ons event team Finesse Events! Dit zijn Floor van der Heijden en Laura Collins, onze Financial Managers. Floor en Laura zorgen ervoor dat alles met betrekking tot de financiën goed verloopt zoals gepland. Zij maken de berekeningen en doen de inkopen voor het event.

🇬🇧 - Meet our event team Finesse Events! These are Floor van der Heijden and Laura Collins, our Financial Managers. Floor and Laura are responsible for everything related to finances goes as planned. They make the calculations and do the purchases for the event.

#finesseevents #fightcancer

Meet our team - Isabel Hendriksen

Wednesday 6th Oct

🇳🇱 - Maak kennis met ons event team Finesse Events! Dit is Isabel Hendriksen, onze Marketing/Account Manager. Isabel is verantwoordelijk voor alle sociale media accounts van Finesse Events, daarnaast staat ze in contact met alle externe stakeholders zodat de communicatie goed verloopt.

🇬🇧 - Meet our event team Finesse Events! This is Isabel Hendriksen, our Marketing/Account Manager. Isabel is responsible for all social media accounts of Finesse Events, in addition to that, she is in contact with all external stakeholders so that communication runs smoothly.

Meet our team - Tiffany Veen

Wednesday 6th Oct

🇳🇱 - Maak kennis met ons event team Finesse Events! Dit is Tiffany Veen, onze Facility Manager. Tiffany is verantwoordelijk voor het vinden van een locatie voor ons event en de opzet daarvan.

🇬🇧 - Meet our event team Finesse Events! This is Tiffany Veen, our Facility Manager. Tiffany is responsible for finding a venue for our event and setting up the location on the day of the event.

#finesseevents #fightcancer

Meet our team - Rita Santos Sequeira

Wednesday 6th Oct

🇳🇱 - Maak kennis met ons event team Finesse Events! Dit is Rita Santos Sequeira, onze HR Manager. Rita is verantwoordelijk voor goede communicatie binnen het team en is er in het geval om te helpen en mogelijke problemen met het team op te lossen. Daarnaast maakt ze de planning zodat we altijd op schema lopen.

🇬🇧 - Meet our event team Finesse Events! This is Rita Santos Sequeira, our HR Manager. Rita is responsible for good communication within the team and to help and resolve any issues with the team. In addition, she makes the planning so that we are always on track with our schedule.

Meet our team - Mette van Norel

Wednesday 6th Oct

🇳🇱 - Maak kennis met ons event team Finesse Events! Dit is Mette van Norel, onze Decoration Manager. Mette is verantwoordelijk voor het uitzoeken van de decoratie en aankleding van de event locatie. Daarnaast maakt ze de opmaak voor al onze documenten.

🇬🇧 - Meet our event team Finesse Events! This is Mette van Norel, our Decoration Manager. Mette is responsible for selecting the decoration and furnishing of the event location. She also prepares the layout for all our documents.

#finesseevents #fightcancer

Meet our team - Bernardo Carvalhal

Wednesday 6th Oct

🇳🇱 - Maak kennis met ons event team Finesse Events! Dit is Bernardo Carvalhal, onze F&B Manager. Bernardo zorgt ervoor dat alle taken met betrekking tot eten en drinken goed gestructureerd en georganiseerd zijn.

🇬🇧 - Meet our event team Finesse Events! This is Bernardo Carvalhal, our F&B Manager. Bernardo ensures that all tasks related to food and drink are well structured and organised.

#finesseevents #fightcancer

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